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School Nutrition and Fitness Websites is a comprehensive, informative andFile Manager -> main_1.jpg interactive set of customizable web pages developed specifically for School Food and Nutrition Departments. It is designed to help you promote healthy habits to students that will last a lifetime.

These interactive and affordable websites are designed to help promote your Nutrition Program, increase participation, and communicate Wellness throughout the community. They were developed through the thoughtful collaboration and partnership between Food Service Directors, Government Agencies, School Nutrition Specialists, RD's and Industry.

File Manager -> ViewSNAFTour.jpgThe website provides the stage for promoting and actively implementing the district Wellness Policy, and it is supported with facts and figures from leading authorities around the US. It combines and consolidates some of the best practices and resources found in School Nutrition into one convenient, image rich website for the district Food & Nutrition Department.

Online Menu Design

File Manager -> videobutton.jpgAnd now we've added the Online Menu Designer, a revolutionary new cloud based menu creation tool that lets you design interactive menus in minutes. Add products, images, backgrounds and content to your menus by simply dragging and dropping onto the menu. View nutritionals and product photos by individual item or by day with the click of a, easy and interactive! Click the link below to take a video tour or download a fact sheet here!


We offer a full line of promotional print ideas to help you market and promote school nutrition. Visit us at The School Nutrition Network

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October 2019 SNAC Bites
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Free food is one of the
Many innovations instituted
By the Hobbs Schools’
Nutritional Chief,
Sonja Moore.