A Message from our President 

Welcome back New Mexico Schools Lunch Ladies and School Food Dudes!! My name is Dean Gallegos and I am the President of the New Mexico School Nutrition Association.

I hope you had a great summer whether you worked with one of the summer feeding programs or took some time off. One thing though is that I hope you were able to attend either or both NMSNA Conference which was in Albuquerque or ANC in Las Vegas Nevada. These conferences give you a wonderful opportunity to network with your peers and give you a chance to try new products.

I get excited every year at this time because we are about start a new year and am able to get energized over the summer and ready to face the challenges of feeding our children. It takes a special person to do what we do and we as school food professionals must ensure that every child has a full stomach and ready to learn. This is our contribution to the educational system. Some of our children in our schools will only have the meals that we serve as their only meals for the day.

So to keep us energized and fired up, the NMSNA will provide regional trainings throughout the state in the fall and spring to help ensure that everyone has met their Professional Development hours. Everyone will be getting the information on the trainings as well as information as to what the NMSNA is doing for you. The NMSNA represents you and we as a board will be more transparent this upcoming year. A public relations person was added to the board so you will be getting lots of information so look out for that.  

 I would like to encourage all of you to sign up a friend or a colleague to become members of NMSNA. In our small state we are almost 900 members strong. New Mexico is well represented around the country by several members of our board and we would like to continue on that path so get involved. One way is to nominate a co-worker for one of the state and national awards, Employee of the Year, Manager of the Year or Director of the Year. We have hundreds of qualified candidates out around our great state, who knows maybe one of you could me a national winner. We won’t know unless you nominate someone. More information will be coming out in the fall.

In closing I would like to wish everyone a productive and successful year and again, get involved with the association, you won’t regret it and you will be able to reap the benefits that the association has to offer. Again HAVE A GREAT YEAR!

Dean Gallegos, President
New Mexico School Nutrition Association



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