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We Salute our Past Presidents

NMSNA gratefully recognizes our past presidents for their contributions to the New Mexico School Nutrition Association and to the Child Nutrition profession.

Here are our past Presidents!


Dean Gallegos 2018-19 Bernalillo   Jackie Haley 1984-85 Aztec
Shelley Montgomery 2017-18 Dexter   Loyce Hodges                1983-84 Clovis
Norma Valenzuela 2016-17 Las Cruces   Etta Rae Sewell             1982-83 Albuquerque
Judi Juaquez, RD/LD 2015-16 Santa Fe   Kathy Daddow 1981-82  Aztec
Nancy Cathey, RD/LD 2014-15 Las Cruces   Jeanette Cooper 1980-81  Alamogordo
Sabrina Gonzales 2013-14 Albuquerque   Laura Beth Newberry 1979-80 Clovis
Kerry Moore 2012-13 Roswell   Elaine Keaton 1978-79  Albuquerque
Mary Swift 2011-12 Albuquerque   Elaine Keaton 1977-78 Albuquerque
Angela Haney 2010-11  Los Lunas   Naomi Reed 1976-77 Albuquerque
Darlene Yocham 2009-10  Gallup/McKinley   Kathy Daddow 1975-76 Aztec
Lorraine Marquez 2008-09 Belen   Dell Foster 1974-75 Clovis
Debra Trujillo 2007-08 Bernalillo   Loy LeGore 1973-74  Albuquerque
Debra Trujillo 2006-07  Bernalillo   Bettye Palmer 1972-73 Albuquerque
Gayle Reeves 2005-06  Silver City   Fern Allen 1971-72 Albuquerque
Lyman Graham 2004-05 Carlsbad   Opal Hayne 1970-71 Alamogordo
Andy Suazo 2003-04 Santa Fe   Doris Valentine 1969-70 Albuquerque
Janet Sanchez 2002-03 Belen   Ann Mullings 1968-69 Santa Fe
Pauline Raia 2001-02 Albuquerque   Lucille Coleman 1967-68 Albuquerque
Demetrious Giovas 2000-01 Anthony   Naomi Shoul 1966-67 Cruces
Esther Quesada 1999-00 Albuquerque   Albert Scott 1965-66 Hobbs
Lorraine Silva 1998-99 Belen   Mildred Wenk 1964-65  Albuquerque
Judy Abernathy 1997-98 Clovis   Naomi Bond 1963-64 Albuquerque
Sharon Graham 1996-97 Bloomfield   Selma Chambers 1962-63 Albuquerque
Mary Ann McCann 1995-96 Taos   Margaret Jones 1961-62 Cruces
Lucille Lee 1994-95  Los Lunas   Harold R. Miller 1960-61 Carlsbad
Patricia Vigil 1993-94 Mora   Paul Tombs 1959-60 Hobbs
Corrine Lovato 1992-93 Santa Fe   Jay Lewis 1958-59 Albuquerque
Barbara Horry 1991-92 Clovis   Harold R. Miller 1957-58 Carlsbad
Cathy Daddow 1990-91 Aztec   Ruth Williams 1956-57 Grants
Pauline Barker 1989-90 Grants   Jane Hammond 1955-56 Clovis
Myra Eden 1988-89  Albuquerque   Jay Lewis 1958-59 Albuquerque
Clifford Morris 1987-88 Santa Fe   Harold R. Miller 1957-58 Carlsbad
Jane Hammond 1986-87  Clovis   Ruth Williams 1956-57 Grants
Roger Powell 1985-86 Alamogordo   Jane Hammond 1955-56 Clovis
Jackie Haley 1984-85 Aztec        

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