NMSNA 2017-2018 Board

Dean Gallegos - President

Dean Gallegos - President Elect

Janet Sanchez - Vice-President/Member Services

Shelley Montgomery - Secretary

Lyman Graham - Treasurer

Pauline Raia - Executive Secretary

Shelley Montgomery - Nominating/Past President

Virginia Schroeder - Legislative Chair

Ginger Jones - Nutrition Chair

Reyna Morales - Education Chair

Juan Saiz - Resolutions/Bylaws Chair

Sabrina Gonzales - Processor

Chimene Quillen - Marketing Chair/Roadrunner Editor

Sonya Moore - Public Relations Chair

Maryann McCann - Industry Chair

Roger Gonzales   -  Administrative Chair
Commodity Council Chair - Sandy Kemp

Marylou NezBegay  - BIE Chair

Vanessa Martinez - Region 1

Marie Johnson - Region 2

Paul Sandoval - Region 3

Connie Miller - Region 4

Maria Guerra - Region 5


Michael Chavez - PED Deputy Director

Noelle Sanchez - FANS Bureau

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HOBBS, NM:  The ladies of Will
Rogers Elementary were honored
today by school staff and students!